Endometrial Cancer

GOG 238: Radiation With or Without Cisplatin in Endometrial Cancer

Adding cisplatin to radiation therapy does not improve PFS or OS for patients with localized recurrences of endometrial cancer and results in higher toxicity rates. Radiation therapy alone remains an effective treatment for these patients.

ENGOT-EN5/GOG-3055/SIENDO: Selinexor in Endometrial Cancer (Phase II)

Oral Selinexor as Maintenance Therapy After First-Line Chemotherapy for Advanced

GOG 3007: Megace Tamoxifen vs Letrozole Everolimus

Both treatment arms demonstrated clinically meaningful efficacy in patients with recurrent endometrial carcinoma. The combination of everolimus and letrozole showed a non-significant trend toward improved survival outcomes compared to standard hormonal therapy.

TOTEM Trial: Intensive vs. Minimalist Follow-up in Endometrial Cancer

An intensive follow-up in patients treated for endometrial cancer does not improve overall survival or relapse detection significantly compared to a minimalist approach.

Adjuvant Treatment of Endometrial Cancer - Part 1

GOG 122: Whole-Abdominal Irradiation Versus Doxorubicin and Cisplatin Chemotherapy in Advanced Endometrial Carcinoma

AP chemotherapy significantly improved both progression-free and overall survival compared to WAI in patients with advanced endometrial carcinoma, although it was associated with greater acute toxicity.

PORTEC 1: EBRT vs. Observation in Endometrial Cancer

While postoperative radiotherapy reduces locoregional recurrence, it does not impact overall survival and increases treatment-related morbidity.

GOG 99: Surgery With or Without EBRT in Intermediate Risk Endometrial Adenocarcinoma

Surgical Considerations in Endometrial Cancer: Part 2

Surgical considerations in the management of stage 2 and advanced-stage endometrial cancer .

FIRES Trial: Sentinel LND in Endometrial Cancer