Publications Update

Publications Update # 8

Making a to-don't list, Parp-i and risk of bleeding, IVC filters recommendations, link to a bovie cautery tweetorial, and a rant on the state of gynecology oncology.

Publications Update # 7

This week's non-medical article discusses the relationship between money and happiness. Endometrial cancer review of immunotherapy, the utility of closing tray to prevent SSI and outcomes after pelvic exenteration.

Publications Update # 6

TED talk discussing "teaming," an Ovarian cancer article on O-RADS classification; Two high-yield reviews for endometrial cancer, Articles discussing the role of the gut microbiome in immune checkpoint inhibitor efficacy and new perioperative anesthesia guidelines.

Publications Update # 5

NCCN uterus guidelines, issues with MMR IHC and lynch syndrome detection, the efficacy of TAP blocks, randomized phase II trial of farletuzumab

Publications Update # 4

This weeks publication update includes a review article on carcinosarcoma, articles on molecular classification of Endometrial cancer, and a review of neuroendocrine tumors of the cervix.

Publications Update # 3

Date: 02-11-23

Publications Update # 2

Date: 02-02-23

Publications Update # 1

Date: 01-25-23