Publications Update

Publications Update # 49

Negotiations for your next job, detection of ovarian cancer recurrences and the role of trabectedin in ovarian cancer (mito-23 trial). Statistics and sample size calculations for board preparation

Publications Update # 48

Stress Management, Mini-Tutorial - Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Cervix, Lymphedema after SLND, Confidence Intervals and osteoporosis

Publications Update # 47

Empathy, management of stage IIIC1 endometrial cancer, review article on vulvar cancer and SLND in high risk endometrial cancer

Publications Update # 46

CALYPSO trial, psychological impact of alopecia on cancer patients, treatment of stage III endometrial cancer quiz, depth of invasion measurement in vulvar cancer, community acquired pneumonia treatment

Publications Update # 45

GYOEDU's first birthday, a reflection on life through a lens of death, finding the ureter in challenging cases, and adenoma malignum

Publications Update # 44

Radical Candor and a conversation with Kim Scott, ovarian cancer trial list, NRG-GY012 summary, and a paper summarizing management of deep vein thrombosis in a cancer patient.

Publications Update # 43

How to get better at giving feedback and Granulosa Cell Mini Tutorial

Publications Update # 42

New Year Resolutions, BEATcc trial exploring PD-L1 inhibitors in cervical cancer, chemotherapy regimens for older patients with ovarian cancer, and NRG-GY012 published.

Publications Update # 41

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year

Publications Update # 40

RHIP framework for change, MIRASOL and CALLA summaries