Publications Update

Publications Update # 61

Anti-emetic guidelines, Immunotherapy with the anti-angiogenesis blockade, how to present in front of an audience that knows more than you and LACC's long term outcomes

GOG 92: Sedlis Criteria Study

Adjuvant pelvic radiotherapy significantly reduces the risk of cancer recurrence in women with Stage IB cervical cancer who have undergone radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy and possess specific high-risk factors. The treatment is associated with higher but acceptable morbidity.

Publications Update # 60

PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer and recent withdrawals, Current FDA indications, Platinum resistant ovarian cancer management, SIENDO trial

Publications Update # 59

Secondary debulking tutorial and data, genetic testing in ovarian cancer, Adam Grant interviewing Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky - a company is not a family

Publications Update # 58

Soft skills or real skills, GOG 238, Selinexor in endometrial cancer, complications after radical hysterectomy

Publications Update # 57

Drug shortages, RUBY/GY018 decision aid, TOTEM trial and cancer statistics

Publications Update # 56

Financial planning checklist, MITO-23 clinical trial, reducing surgical site infections by using a wound protector and reducing hernia rates using small-bite closure

Publications Update # 55

Molecular testing in endometrial cancer. Checkmate 358 trial cervical cancer

Publications Update # 54

The investment answer, surrogate endpoints in oncology, GOG-279 and A18 in cervical cancer

Publications Update # 53

HER-2 testing in gynecologic cancers, prognostic role of ITCs in low-grade endometrial cancer, primary cytoreduction in ovarian cancer.