Publications Update

Publications Update # 30

Mental health crisis in gynecology oncology, neoadjuvant vs. primary debulking, Tisotomab Vidotin in combination with other drugs in the recurrent cervix, radiation for bone mets.

Publications Update # 29

Managing anxiety, HIPEC in ovarian cancer and immunotherapy in ovarian cancer

Publications Update # 28

Non-Medical Article of the Week In his incredibly vulnerable TED

Publications Update # 27

Listening skills, articles on endometrial staging FIGO 2023, secondary debulking in ovarian cancer meta-analysis and cancer-associated venous thromboembolic disease treatment.

Publications Update # 26

Upcoming GYOEDU Lecture A discussion on how to succeed as

Publications Update # 25

Autotelic learning, Bevacizumab use in ovarian cancer, adjuvant chemotherapy, chemotherapy induced neuropathic pain and poem.

Publications Update # 24

Job Negotiations tactics, vulvar melanoma management, vulvar cancer guidelines update, trametinib resources

Publications Update # 23

KIndness and compassionate leadership skills; Focused topic - Intestinal Stomas

Publications Update # 22

Focused topic: Pulmonary Embolism; Ideas about visual communication and a negative trial in ovarian cancer.

Publications Update # 21

Leadership for introverts, mini-tutorial on progression-free survival, and articles on drug shortages.