Update 11/12/22, 2000 hrs:

I have created a temporary website with a link to the videos (took a few hours but it seems to work ok)

Hopefully you can access them without issues.

I will continue to work to fix the website soon


Shitanshu Uppal

Dear user,

Due to a glitch in the Webhosting provider, the site has suffered a significant malfunction.

Unfortunately, it has become increasingly more work for me to put in the time and effort required to fix the website and keep it running flawlessly. As life returned to normal from the COVID crisis, the willingness to give lectures on this website vanished. In an effort to make this website successful, I will be working with a third party developer and plan to launch a new version of GYOEDU website soon.

In the meanwhile, if I get the lecturer's approval, I will add their video to or so you can still access it. Although there are several logistical issues in getting it done, I will do my best.

I thank you all for being a part of this wonderful experiment.

Shitanshu Uppal

STAY TUNED FOR next version of