Who are we?

GYOEDU was founded in 2020. We aim to build an inclusive educational community for GYN Oncology based on a model of high-quality, easily-accessible, peer-reviewed content free from commercial bias. We focus on goals and objectives for GYN Oncology fellows and those interested in pursuing fellowship. Our shared vision is knowing that strength comes from ensuring the success of those around us. Just as the highest quality health care organizations implement reliable and reproducible systems in order to elevate patient care, we aim to provide standardized curricula for teaching GYN Oncology throughout the world. 


Shitanshu Uppal

Co-Founder and
Executive Director

Ryan J Spencer

Co-founder and
Executive Committee Chair

Kevin McCool

Lead - Study Summaries

Olga T Filippova

Study Summaries and

Mona Guo

Editorial Team and
Social Media

Bunja Rungruang

Bootcamp Initiative stands in solidarity against racism