Publications Update

Publications Update # 39

Gratitude as a habit, sentinel lymph node dissection in EIN/CAH, cervical cancer practice guidelines and TPN in patients with an enterocutaneous fistula

Publications Update # 37

Publications Update # 36

Non-Medical Article of the Week 3 practices for wisdom and

Publications Update # 35

Trauma Survival Guide and the grilled cheese sandwich. Keynote 0826 final results, PET CT in neuroendocrine tumors and strategies to treat platinum-resistant ovarian cancer

Publications Update # 34

Non-Medical Article of the Week The World Is Going Blind.

Publications Update # 33

Dealing with perfectionism, questions on bevacizumab toxicity, PRIME study and carboplatin dosing

Publications Update # 32

Publications Update # 31

HBR article on life lessons, typing speed to improve productivity, the role of endometrial cancer molecular classification in hormonal therapy.

Publications Update # 30

Mental health crisis in gynecology oncology, neoadjuvant vs. primary debulking, Tisotomab Vidotin in combination with other drugs in the recurrent cervix, radiation for bone mets.

Publications Update # 29

Managing anxiety, HIPEC in ovarian cancer and immunotherapy in ovarian cancer