Publications Update

Publications Update # 20

Publications Update # 19

Moral Crisis of American Doctors, Lymph node dissection in Uterine Leiomyosarcoma, Utility of Frozen Section in High Grade endometrial cancer Sentinel node, video on how to perform sentinel Para-Aortic LND

Publications Update # 18

Change and adaptability, STIC mini-tutorial, rates of genetic testing in the US, and a review paper on tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Publications Update # 17

Agile family manifesto, SHAPE trial and role of adjuvant chemotherapy in Granulosa Cell Tumor

Publications Update # 16

Creativity and how to cultivate it, fertility preservation in endometrial cancer, and a surgical video demonstrating the technique of ileocecal anastomosis.

Publications Update # 15

Free solo lecture, MIS vs Open debate ongoing in rad hyst, splenectomy resources.

Publications Update # 14

Discussion on the state of "flow". ESGO guidelines on the management of cervical cancer, an RCT on preventing radiation dermatitis, articles on surgical ergonomics and question on mechanism of action of TXA

Publications Update # 13

Test your knowledge on vulvar cancer radiation dosing

Publications Update # 12

How to make your presentations stand out, update on ovarian cancer platinum-resistant trials, sentinel lymph nodes in endometrial cancer and OUTBACK trial

Publications Update # 11