Originally Published: 5-20-23 in Publications Updates # 16

I nearly overlooked this TED Talk that was first broadcasted in 2018 B.C. However, thanks to the TED Radio Hour, I recently discovered it during their March 2023 A.C. radio broadcast. Many of us seem to struggle to recall the timelines of our lives before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is a remarkable five-minute poetry talk that I particularly enjoy, as it highlights the essence of creativity: observing and being curious. Sarah, the speaker, has captured this concept perfectly.

If you're interested in exploring the elusive concept of creativity, I recommend starting with this excellent article that outlines four different types of creativity.

Cultivating the Four Kinds of Creativity
In the decades to come, creativity will be key to doing most jobs well. In this article the authors offer a new typology that breaks creative thinking into four types: integration, or showing that two things that appear different are the same; splitting, or seeing how things that look the same are m…


The article argues that creativity is not just a matter of talent. It is also a skill that can be learned and developed. By understanding the four types of creativity and how to cultivate them, we can all become more creative thinkers and innovators.