GYOEDU Leadership Academy

GYOEDU's unique program, crafted by Dr. Shitanshu Uppal,


Honest feedback? Radical Candor or no feedback! What's the right amount of feedback and how do you give feedback?

RHIP Framework for Change Management

RHIP framework can help with change management


How to avoid the perfection trap

3 Practices for Wisdom and Wholeness

Learn on how to recognize the generative narrative of abundant reality, living with the question and embracing your calling.

How will you measure your life?

Thoughts on a strategy to plan your life.

Business Case for Love

When someone loves something, it's in a category of its own, beyond simply really liking it.

Effective Visual Communication

Elements of effectively communicating visually and why it matters.

Introverts Make Great Leaders

Can introverts make great leaders? If yes, how and why?

Job Negotiations

Rules for Job Negotiations