Publications Update # 41

Publications Update # 41
Photo by Bram Naus / Unsplash

This message is the final update for 2023. I'm planning a holiday break to spend time with my extended family, and I hope you'll also have a chance for some relaxation. In this issue, let's step away from discussing studies, surgical videos, or anything related to gynecologic oncology. Instead, I propose three activities for the next two weeks:

Reflect on 2023

Consider the highs and lows of each month. A helpful tip is to review your calendar and phone photo albums or refer to your journal if you keep one.

Watch this video

I recommend you find 20 minutes in your day where you cannot be disturbed - put on a pair of good headphones and listen.

What are your possibilities for 2024

Take some time to consider what you want the next year to look like.

Enjoy the holidays and the New Year

The next newsletter will be in Jan 2024.

PS - Want more of Benjamin Zander? Watch this video