Publications Update # 9

Publications Update # 9
Photo by Justin Hu / Unsplash

Published: 04/01/23

Seeing many of you in person at the SGO meeting in Tampa was great. As you all know, the tagline of the meeting was "Patients, Progress. Purpose". Dr. Blank touched on the topic of purpose briefly during her presidential address. Personally, I wish there was more emphasis on purpose during the meeting. I believe that purpose is the antidote to burnout. In the next several posts, I will focus on purpose, it's importance, and how to find your life purpose. If you have ideas/thoughts you want to share, please leave a comment or email me.

Non-Medical Article of the Week

This talk was recorded eight years ago but is even more relevant today. I have been fortunate to watch Dr. Vic Strecher talk in person at the University of Michigan. We have also had the great fortune of co-authoring with Dr. Stecher on some preliminary work from this clinical trial exploring the feasibility of using a self-care app to enhance purposeful living in cancer patients.

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