Shitanshu Uppal

Publications Update # 30

Mental health crisis in gynecology oncology, neoadjuvant vs. primary debulking, Tisotomab Vidotin in combination with other drugs in the recurrent cervix, radiation for bone mets.

Publications Update # 29

Managing anxiety, HIPEC in ovarian cancer and immunotherapy in ovarian cancer

Publications Update # 28

Non-Medical Article of the Week In his incredibly vulnerable TED

Publications Update # 27

Listening skills, articles on endometrial staging FIGO 2023, secondary debulking in ovarian cancer meta-analysis and cancer-associated venous thromboembolic disease treatment.

The GoodFellas

A discussion on how to succeed as a gynecologic oncology fellow and prepare to be a successful attending.

Publications Update # 26

Upcoming GYOEDU Lecture A discussion on how to succeed as

Publications Update # 25

Autotelic learning, Bevacizumab use in ovarian cancer, adjuvant chemotherapy, chemotherapy induced neuropathic pain and poem.

Longest Study on Happiness

Cherish your connections, nurture your friendships, and invest in your social fitness. In a world filled with distractions, this article offers a heartfelt reminder that relationships are the key to happiness and health.

Pulmonary Embolism

Management of pulmonary Embolism

Effective Visual Communication

Elements of effectively communicating visually and why it matters.