Shitanshu Uppal

Question 1 - Vulvar Cancer Groin Management

Responses close on 03/22/23 Results and review will

Publications Update # 8

Making a to-don't list, Parp-i and risk of bleeding, IVC filters recommendations, link to a bovie cautery tweetorial, and a rant on the state of gynecology oncology.

Leadership Styles

Leadership style matters. How do you lead your team?


Learning to team up quickly can make you a much better leader in the OR

Money and Happiness

Can money make you happy?

Publications Update # 7

This week's non-medical article discusses the relationship between money and happiness. Endometrial cancer review of immunotherapy, the utility of closing tray to prevent SSI and outcomes after pelvic exenteration.

Publications Update # 6

TED talk discussing "teaming," an Ovarian cancer article on O-RADS classification; Two high-yield reviews for endometrial cancer, Articles discussing the role of the gut microbiome in immune checkpoint inhibitor efficacy and new perioperative anesthesia guidelines.

Inguinofemoral Lymph Node Dissection (Full)

Two videos demonstrating full groin dissection for a patient with vulvar cancer

Publications Update # 5

NCCN uterus guidelines, issues with MMR IHC and lynch syndrome detection, the efficacy of TAP blocks, randomized phase II trial of farletuzumab

Publications Update # 4

This weeks publication update includes a review article on carcinosarcoma, articles on molecular classification of Endometrial cancer, and a review of neuroendocrine tumors of the cervix.