Vulvar Flaps

Dr. Ken Hatch discusses Vulvar Flaps. Techniques for V-Y flaps and strategies to choose the right flap for reconstruction.

Important point: If vulvar tissue has been previously radiated, bring a flap from non-radiated area with fresh blood supply.

V-Y Flap

Here is an excellent video by Dr. Jean Dubuisson on Youtube

How to choose the correct reconstruction

Here is an algorithm from the Journal of Gynecologic Oncology - Access if free for all

Surgical therapy of vulvar cancer: how to choose the correct reconstruction?
To create a comprehensive algorithmic approach to reconstruction after vulvar cancer ablative surgery, which includes both traditional and perforator flaps, evaluating anatomical subunits and shape of the defect.We retrospectively reviewed 80 cases of ...
Algorithm for flap selection in vulvoperineal reconstruction after vulvar cancer ablative surgery. The five sections are related to the five possible defects associated with the vulvar one. ALT-VL, anterolateral thigh flap with vastus lateralis; c-ALT, cutaneous anterolateral thigh; DIEP, deep inferior epigastric perforator; Fc-ALT, fasciocutaneous anterolateral thigh; RT, radiotherapy; SCIP, superficial circumflex iliac perforator; VRAM, vertical rectus abdominis myocutaneous.