Publications Update # 36

Publications Update # 36
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Non-Medical Article of the Week

3 practices for wisdom and wholeness
How do we stand before the pain and promise of the world and keep hope and courage alive? Journalist and podcast host Krista Tippett has spent a career interviewing some of the world’s wisest people in search of answers to that question. Listen along as she offers three practices to help you make se…

In her TED Talk "3 Practices for Wisdom and Wholeness," Krista Tippett focuses on:

  1. Recognizing the Generative Narrative: Tippett urges us to acknowledge the catastrophic and abundant reality of progress and evolution.
  2. Living the Questions: Drawing inspiration from Rainer Maria Rilke, Tippett encourages embracing uncertainty and living with open, meaningful questions.
  3. Embracing Calling and Wholeness: Finally, she speaks of a calling towards wholeness, suggesting that our generation's task is to foster complete individuals and societies.

Her last concept resonates with the holistic approach of philosophers like Aristotle, who viewed the goal of human life as achieving a state of 'eudaimonia' or flourishing through the integration of all aspects of self. I am worried that our strong sense of self is tied more with our vocation alone but ignores everything else in our lives. Watch the talk, you won't be disappointed.

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