GOG 88

Groin Dissection Versus Groin Radiation in Carcinoma of the Vulva: A Gynecologic Oncology Group Study

Date of Publication:

November 2, 1992

Pubmed Link:

Is groin RT superior to groin dissection for women with stage I-III vulvar cancer?

Control Arm(s):

radical vulvectomyinguino-femoral lymphadenectomythose with +LNs received post-operative RT 5000cGy

Experimental Arm(s):

radical vulvectomyb/l groin RT 5000cGy

Primary End Point:


Inclusion Criteria:

squamous cell vulvar cancerstage I (+LVSI or >5mm invasion) to III

Exclusion Criteria:

suspicious LN on examdistant metastases


lymphadenectomy (n=25) vs RT (n=27):20% of pts in lymphadenectomy group had +LNrecurrence: 0% vs 18.5% (SS)PFS and OS significantly worse for the RT groupstudy closed prematurely after interim analysis


Groin RT is significantly inferior to groin dissection in women with stage I-III squamous cell vulvar cancer

Olga T Filippova