GOG 242

Second Curettage for Low-Risk Nonmetastatic Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia

Date of Publication:

September 1, 2016

Pubmed Link:

A second uterine curettage is safe and effective to treat women with low-risk non-metastatic GTN in lieu of chemotherapy

Control Arm(s):
Experimental Arm(s):

pelvic US, CXR/CT chest, hcguterine curretagefollow w/hcg

Primary End Point:

Surgical cure

Inclusion Criteria:

complete or partial mole treated w/initial D&Cnow diagnosed w/GTNWHO score: 0-6

Exclusion Criteria:

prior chemotherapydisease outside of uterushcg <20


n=6090% complete molemedian f/u: 24 mossurgical cure rate: 40%1 pt w/perforation1 pt w/grade 3 hemorrhage


Second curettage cures 40% of women with low-risk non-metastatic GTN, with minimal morbidity

Olga T Filippova