GOG 120

Concurrent Cisplatin-Based Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy for Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer

Date of Publication:

April 15, 1999

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Which chemotherapy given concurrent with RT improves survival in women with locally advanced cervical cancer?

Control Arm(s):

EBRT + brachyhydroxyurea 3g/m2 twice weekly

Experimental Arm(s):

(1 ) EBRT + brachycisplatin 40mg/m2 weekly(2) EBRT + brachycisplatin 50mg/m2 day 1 and 295FU 4g/m2 day 1 and 20hydroxyurea 2mg/m2 twice weekly

Primary End Point:


Inclusion Criteria:

squamous, adenosquamous, adenostage IIB - IVA

Exclusion Criteria:

disease outside of pelvispara-aortic LN metastasesintra-abdominal metastases


hydroxyurea (n=177) vs cis (n=176) vs cis/5FU/hydroxyurea (n=173):grade 3/4 leukopenia: 21% vs 23% vs 46% (SS)median f/u: 35 mosRR progression: 0.57 (SS) for cis and 0.55 (SS) for cis/5FU/hydroxyurea24mos PFS: 47% vs 67% vs 64%RR death: 0.61 (SS) for cis and 0.58 (SS) for cis/5FU/hydroxyurea


RT with concurrent platinum-based chemotherapy improves survival in women with locally advanced cervical cancer

Olga T Filippova